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A beginner-friendly project to build an office desk from 2×4 construction lumber, that can be customized to any dimension. It is a quick and easy project that yields great results.

When we were designing this desk for our office, we wanted something that was: a sensible cost, big enough for all our stuff, durable, quick/easy to make and looked good. If that fits your brief, then this is the project for you!

We are aware that it can be difficult to source specific timber dimensions, which is why these DIY plans can use anything that roughly resembles a 2×4. Depending upon your use case, you could use either hardwood or softwood. While hardwood is more durable, we have been using our desk for nearly a year and it still looks like new.

The plans focus’s on making the desktop but does make recommendations for how to support it. In our example, we create a ‘floating’ desk that is only visibly supported by one drawer unit.

The wood panel glue-up technique used in these plans is a fundamental skill for any woodworker. While here it is used for an office desk, it could equally be used for any surface (dining table, coffee table etc).

Skill Level


Tools Required

Table Saw or Track Saw or Circular Saw
Dowel Jig or Biscuit Joiner or Domino Joiner
Orbital Sander
Long Clamps
Wood Glue
Wood Finish – we recommend Hard Wax Oil­

Helpful Tools


Lumber Required

These plans use CLS 38x89mm timber (roughly 2×4’s), though any lumber will work with a similar cross-section. Try to source stock that is straight, it will make your life much easier.­

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YouTube Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we believe they are! We spend a lot of time ensuring our plans are easy to follow and result in an enjoyable build. Our plans have lots of pictures, alongside clear and concise language.

Also, if you have any questions about a stage, please message us via Etsy. We will be happy to answer your questions and welcome the opportunity to make our plans better for the next person.

Here’s a brief article we wrote about why we are confident you will be happy building from our plans…

All plans that cost money are sold via Etsy. This is due some frustrating and ill-conceived international rules on the sale of digital products. Since a small company like ourselves could never justify the required accounting admin for international sales, we will let Etsy do it for us. Hope that’s ok with you!

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That is a question only you can answer. What we can say, is that we make every effort to make sure our plans are easy to follow for both expert and beginner.

If the plans come with an accompanying video, we would recommend you watching that first. If you still aren’t sure, maybe test yourself first with one of our beginner friendly projects.

We understand that finding the same size lumber can be difficult. Read the ‘Lumber Required’ section carefully. We try to specify if a dimension is critical or if you can substitute for something close. Our plans try to accommodate variation in lumber dimensions wherever possible.

Please read the entire manual before ordering any wood, once you have a good idea of the process, it should all become clear.

The nice thing about woodworking, is that there are many ways to do something. Our plans will often offer alternative methods of completing a step, although for obvious reasons, it isn’t possible include all the ways in our plans. But usually it isn’t hard to find a workaround.

For instance, we might say you need a band saw, but you could use a jig saw. We try our best to list the tools required, with potential alternative.

If however there is an essential tool that you just can’t do without. Then I am sorry, this isn’t the right project for you. Or maybe it might just be the excuse you need to buy new tool. ;)

It’s true we give away a lot of information in our videos, and for some that will be enough. But our YouTube videos are primarily for entertainment and we must edit them down significantly to keep them appealing.

Our plans go into much more detail about the various steps, alongside various hints and tips we just don’t have time for on YouTube. Also, we believe it’s very helpful having a printable document, that can accompany you into the workshop.

For projects that require templates or DXF files, these plans are essential.

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