Tools We Use

Tools and equipment we use and recommend. We aren’t brand loyal, and we do extensive research to get what we believe is the best tool for the job. This means a good quality tool that meets the demands of woodworking (& DIY) but is also a sensible price and is suitable for our small workshop.

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Large Power Tools

Table Saw - Dewalt DWE7485

DWE7485 is the newer version of our DW745, despite being a compact saw it has proven its power, accuracy, and ease of use. We especially like the fence design. Only gripe is the table isn't perfectly flat and the insert plate doesn't like to sit flush.

Mitre Saw 12" - Bosch GCM 12

One of the best mitre saws on the market. While dust collection is poor, everything else is spot on. The axial glide feature makes it especially good for a small workshop where every inch matters.

Mitre Saw 10" - EVOLUTION R255SMS-DB+

Brilliant saw at a very reasonable price. It might not be as good as it's bigger brothers, but it's a quarter the price. We used our Evolution saw for many years and it was still going strong when we upgraded.

Thicknesser Planer - Triton TPT125

We purchase most of our timber as rough sawn, this little unit easily processes it without a grumble and soon paid itself off. Combo it with good chip extraction and sled to reduce snipe.

Triton TPT125 Dust Port 100mm Outlet Fix

If there is one thing wrong with the Triton Planer, it's the extraction getting clogged. This 3D printed mod fixes that by allowing connection to 100mm 4" chip extractor.

Oscillating Belt Sander - Triton TSPST450

Spindle Sander and Belt Sander in one package. Well thought through design that’s quick to swap between functions. Be sure to fine tune the table so that it is square to the belt.

Band Saw - Titan TTB705BDS

Don't buy this! It's the one we have but it's not even worth its cheap price tag. Not enough power, blade guidance terrible and hard to setup correctly.

Bench Pillar Drill - AWS315PD

Well made and solid little pillar drill that fits neatly on the benchtop. On rare occasions it feels a tad underpowered and the travel could be more. But overall a fantastic tool.

Power Tools

Drill & Impact Driver - Dewalt

After many years use during a house rebuild and regular wood working, these drills are still going strong. Cannot fault them and easy to recommend.

¼” Palm Router - Dewalt DCW604NT

Only regret is not buying this sooner, one of the most used tools in the workshop and one of the first tools you should invest in. This Dewalt option specifically is a fantastic design all round.
Top Tool

1/2” Router - Festool OF1400 EBQ Plus

After purchasing a series of cheaper routers and returning, we opted for the Festool option. Many well designed features that make this tool superior.
Top Tool

Track/Plunge Cut Saw - Festool TS 55 FEBQ-PLUS

Take the ‘plunge’ you won’t regret this purchase, it really is one of the best tools in the workshop, especially a small one like ours. Although there are cheaper alternatives, we find we use it regularly enough to justify the extra cost for the unrivalled quality.
Top Tool

Track - Festool Guide Rail FS 1400/2

Can’t have a track saw without track. We’d first recommend having two lengths of 1400mm (55”) track. Also a single 800mm (32") length track is handy for smaller cuts and is easier to manoeuvre around the workshop.

Random Orbit Sander 6" 150mm - Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus

We all hate sanding, but the reality is this is probably the tool you will spend most time using. If you're a casual woodworker we'd recommend a cheaper alternative, but there is no denying this model is a much nicer tool to use and easier to get better results. This version has a 5mm orbit which removes material quickly and is suitable for up to 220 grit. For Ultra-Fine sanding (320+ grit) get the 150/3 variant.
Top Tool

Circular Saw - Bosch Professional GKS 190

Powerful professional saw that will cut through anything, mostly been overshadowed these days by the track saw, but useful to have on hand for the tougher jobs. Worth immediately replacing the stock blade.

Jigsaw - Makita 4350FCT

What can I say, except it just works! Easy to change blades, plenty of power and decent ergonomics. Also a handy LED and blower to keep the cut clear and visible.

Biscuit Jointer - Draper 83611

Easy to use, accurate and great dust extraction. This is a simple tool, we see no value in spending too much on a this tool.

Hammer SDS Drill - Bosch Professional GBH 2-26

If you have a regular need of this kind of drill, our advice is don’t cheap out. Having used (and broken) a few over the years, we are very happy with this one. Not only has it survived, but every job is that little easier.

Brad Nailer - Silverline 868544

Cheap, light and works! Only drawback is that you need an air compressor. But on the plus side, now you have an excuse to get an air compressor.

Jigs & Acccessories

Dowel Jig - Wolfcraft

We've tried many different kinds of dowel jig, this style is slower and you'll need to take extra care to remain accurate. But it is cheap and probably the most versatile jig available. Since the version pictured above, Wolfcraft have updated and improved the design.

Dowel Jig - Self Centering

This style of dowel jig is quick and easy to get great results. Be sure to source a quality version, as the cheaper models can be problematic. By swapping out the bushings, you can drill a range of metric and imperial holes. Only drawback to this jig, is that it only works with centered holes.

Router Radius Jig

These little templates make short work of adding a radius to your parts. They work best with a table router.

Pocket Hole Jig - Wolfcraft

Fantastic jig that works well and easy to use. While it has drawbacks to its larger desktop variant, it is cheaper, well suited to a small workshop and because it is more mobile, it's easier to get into tricky spots.

Pocket Hole Jig - Desktop

Bigger and more expensive than the handheld version, but much faster and produces much more accurate and cleaner holes. Well worth investing in, if you do a lot of pocket holes. Also, the built in dust extraction is a help.

Drill Guide with Chuck - UJK

In a small workshop that doesn’t have space for a pillar drill, this is the next best thing. Well designed to suit a variety of applications and easily stored.
Top Tool

Drill Guide - Big Gator V-Drill

Extremely helpful guide to keep your drill holes straight. Works on flat timber and dowels.

Concealed Hinge Jig

If you have more than a handful of doors with concealed hinges (kitchen door hinges), then it’s well worth getting a jig. Most seem to come from the same factory, so shop around.

Workshop Essentials

Vacuum - Fein 35L Dust Extractor

Purchased after destroying several cheaper vacs, I feel confident in strongly recommending this item. Powerful, quiet and keeps on working no matter what you throw at it. I would recommend coupling with a HEPA filter & cyclone.
Top Tool

Cyclone Dust Collector

This is an essential add-on to any shop vac! It saves the vacuum from clogging up with dust, saves money on vacuum bags and most of all allows you a little more time between emptying the system.

Air Filter

After years of making sawdust, I have developed a bit on an allergy. This air filter makes a huge difference to your lungs and keeps work surfaces cleaner longer. Nothing will get everything, but this certainly helps.

Parallel Clamp 1500mm

These clamps are excellent for larger glue ups, the stable base means they don’t fall over as you are working, and the parallel clamp means they are less inclined to warp your project as they tighten.

Irwin Quick Clamp 50cm

You can never have enough clamps; these ones are a good go-to option that are quick to apply and surprisingly versatile. Also look out for the various attachments for other use cases (corners etc).

Steel Spring Clamp

Useful and versatile clamp to have in the workshop. The relatively cheap price makes them a must have.

Clamping Squares

They have so many uses and these much cheaper plastic versions are much more versatile than the more expensive style.

Air Compressor

I think all these compressors come from the same factory, so best to hunt around and look for the best deal. We use the compressor regularly for the nailer, inflating tyres and painting projects.

Lumber Storage Rack

Keeps your lumber off the ground, flat and dry. We doubled them up at 1m spacing so they can carry more weight and the timber remains flatter.

Tool Chest - Clarke

For some strange reason, tool chests don’t seem to be a popular addition to a woodworker’s workshop. Maybe we’re just too proud of our tools to hide them away?! We, however, find this tool chest extremely helpful and space efficient.

Workshop Speaker - Bose Soundlink

Every workshop needs music, this speaker may be small, but produces enough sound to annoy the neighbours. As a bonus, it’s waterproof. That should mean it will even survive our dusty environment.

Tape Measure - Stanley PowerLock 8m

Accurate, robust and available in metric, imperial or both.

Router Bits

Chamfer Bit 1/4″ Shank

Chamfer Bit 1/2″ Shank

Tongue and Groove Bit Set

Roundover Bit 1/4″ Radius x 1/4″ Shank

Roundover Bit 1/2″ Radius x 1/4″ Shank

Roundover Bit 1/4″ Radius x 1/2″ Shank

Roundover Bit 1/2″ Radius x 1/2″ Shank

Spiral Flush Trim Compression Bit 1/2″ Shank

Spiral Flush Trim Compression Bit 1/4″ Shank

Spiral Down Cut Bit 1/4″ Shank

Surfacing Bit 1" Cutting Dia 1/2" Shank


Table Saw Blade - Freud LP30M 025P

A great all-rounder blade for ripping and crosscuts. If you're still using the stock blade, you'll be amazed how much difference a quality new blade will make.

Groove Cutter Blade - CMT 180 x 6 x 30 Teeth 18

These blades are an absolute game changer. In comparison to Dado blades; they are cheaper, quick to install and fit any table saw. Only draw back is they only go up to 6mm thick.
Top Tool

Abrasive Sanding Discs - 3M Xtract Cubitron II

After years buying cheap discs, we finally learnt what a false economy it was. These discs remove material quicker, last significantly longer and have a better finish. To cap it all, they are also very reasonably priced.
Top Tool

Glue - Titebond Original

Rarely use this, essentially the other glues are better, but this is cheaper. Interior use only. Dries transparent, good for light timbers (maple, oak).

Glue - Titebond II Premium

Great go-to option. Open time (3-5 mins), weatherproof. Assembly temp > 13C (55F). Dries yellow, good for light timbers (maple, oak).

Glue - Titebond III Ultimate

Another great go-to option. Open time (8-10 mins), waterproof, strongest bond. Assembly temp >8C (47F). Dries dark, good for dark timbers (walnut).

Glue - Titebond Polyurethan

Good for wood with high moisture content, prefinished or oily timber. Good for non-perfect glue ups (with gaps). Very waterproof. Ugly if visible. Short shelf life.

Twist Drill Bit Set

Very handy to have a complete set of drill bits with storage in the workshop. Can easily replace individual sizes as you blunt/snap them.

Brad Point Drill Bit Set

Very handy to have a complete set of drill bits with storage in the workshop. Can easily replace individual sizes as you blunt/snap them.

Forstner Bit Set

Having a proper set of quality bits ensures you always have the right size when you need them and they won’t be blunted rattling around in a drawer.

Wood Filler

A 2 part wood filler that dries quickly, has a strong bond and sands easily. We prefer the natural or white color.

Wooden Dowels - Beech Hardwood

Solid beech hardwood dowels. Cheap, plenty of them and accurately machined.

Camera & Audio Equipment

Camera - Sony A6600 APS-C Mirrorless

After months of research, we settled on this camera. For a whole host of reasons, we found it to be the best video camera for YouTube type work. The full frame cameras are better; however, we found the difference to be negligible, but the A6600 is smaller, lighter and has a flip screen.

Primary Lens - Sony 18-105mmm F4

While this lens doesn’t perform great for photography, it is fantastic for videography. Has a good focal range, maintains focus while zooming, is stabilised and sufficiently fast even for a dark(ish) workshop.

Secondary Lens - Sigma 16mm F1.4

Very high-quality lens for both photography and videography.

Gimbal - MOZA Aircross 2

Excellent gimbal that is very well suited to our camera & lens combo.

Shotgun Mic - RØDE VideoMicro

Good all-round mic that allows us to capture machine noise and voice if we aren’t too far away. This option doesn’t require batteries, so don’t need to remember to turn it on or charge batteries.

Wireless Mic - RØDE Wireless Go II

Allows us to give you clear audio, even if we are in an echoy workshop. Very easy to use and rig for any setup.

Lavalier Microphone - RØDE Go

Typically, we just use the wireless units as mics, but when we want that more professional look or in a windy environment, then we have these lavalieres.

Screen - FEELWORLD F6 Plus Monitor

We struggled to get shots framed and in focus from across the workshop, so this monitor was the solution. Well featured and good quality unit that’s size is well suited to the APS-C setup.

Voiceover Microphone - RØDE NT-USB

Used for all voiceovers recordings in our videos. The USB PC connection means no additional expensive gear.

Camera Cage - SMALLRIG BUC2498

A cage is essential for videography, so that you can attach all the paraphernalia to the camera. This slim line model suits our needs nicely and doesn’t add too much bulk.

GoPro Hero 10

For all those hard-to-reach places, extra wide-angle shots and unique angles. This waterproof camera is the ideal candidate.

Studio Lighting Kit

Very helpful when lighting a product for video or even photography.