Affiliate Disclaimer

What’s all this about Affiliate links? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a simple way for us to earn a little extra without costing you, the customer, a single extra penny.

Who pays? The retailer pays!

How does it work? We have signed up to various affiliate programs. This enabled us to get unique links to recommend products sold via that retailer. If you click that link and make a qualifying purchase, we get a small commission paid by that retailer (typically between 1% and 10%).

How do I know Makers Manual is making genuine recommendations? You don’t, but we hope you trust us. We set up this business with a view to educating others and honesty is a huge part of that. We would never substitute your long-term trust for the sake of short-term benefit. On top of that, you will see us regularly using these tools in our videos and publications. 

What’s in it for the retailer? They potentially make a sale that they wouldn’t otherwise, it is essentially focused advertising for them. Even when giving away 10%, that is often cheaper than comparable adverting via traditional means.

Give me an example? If we link to a table saw we recommend, and you click on that link and complete a purchase within 24 hours, we may receive a commission of around 1 to 10% of your order. The payment comes from the retailer (such as Amazon), not from you.

Thank you for your support.

Our affiliates include the following:

We are a participant in the Amazon Services ULC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated websites.

If we link to a product on Amazon, we can get anywhere from a 1% to a 10% commission. This depends largely on the category of item being advertised and which country’s Amazon we’re advertising. For example, Amazon UK would give us 10% from anything apparel related, and 1% from a smartphone sale. There is a lot of middle ground but most of the things we generally recommend are categorised as miscellaneous and will generate a 3% commission.

Still confused, you can get all the details here: